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Ruger GP100 satin stainless finish, medium-framed double action revolvers offer strength, simplicity and ease of maintenance and provide the following features: We are very close to having that wrapped up and I’ll be sure to let you know as soon as the results are ready. The GP100 has poor aftermarket support and add-ons. The bottom line is that when you’re looking at barrels that are very close in length, you can’t make any assumptions about velocity until you actually measure it. There’s certainly something for everyone with options that have 5, 6, 7, and even 10 shot capacities. Holds six rounds of either 357 Magnum, or 38 special ammo. Maybe they have a different rifling twist rate, or a wider cylinder gap or maybe the chambers aren’t as tight. In short, two of them are great revolvers. The standard models of GP100 have a 4.2- inch barrel with full shroud. If we tried to predict this data using the “50 feet per second per inch” rule, each line on the graph would progressively rise higher as the barrel length increases from left to right. Obviously, this is a very small sample size for both the ammo and the guns we tested, so take these results with a grain of salt, but there are a few things I think we can learn here. $89.60 $ 89. In total, we got velocities from 10 revolvers and just for fun, I also brought along the carbine. The more heavy its weight and the bigger grip is, the easier shooting .357 Magnum is for you. Most standard models are blued steel, but some of them come with stainless steel. The GP100 vs SP101: Which is Better For Personal Protection? According to the manual, a few drops of oil in the frame openings will make its way to the internal mechanisms. The standard models of GP100 have a 4.2- inch barrel with full shroud. After comparison, the GP100 is evaluated as the better pistol for personal protection and concealed carry. Watch the video below for a summary of the results, or keep reading for the old fashioned text version. Legal Disclaimer. This gun holds 6 of .357 Magnum, designed to shoot from the ground up. It’s a pain in the ass. 5.0 out of 5 stars. All shots were fired from a distance of 10 feet from the gel blocks. One of the best aspects of the Ruger GP100 is the number of models available. That also depends on your gun you are carrying. There is a 3 inch, 4 inch and also a 6 inch barrel. Not to mention Ruger has some of the best customer support out there. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. So we got out the chronograph and measured velocity for a few different loads that we just happened to have in the safe – four .38s and four .357s. Does the 6 inch have that much more muzzle velocity than the 4 or is the extra length not worth it? GP100 is also variety of calibers and  the shot capacity. This gun holds 6 of .357 Magnum, designed to shoot from the ground up. The SP101 operates like a high-performance weapon because it is sturdy and easy to aim and shoot. A lot of you guys have been asking about the status of our .38 Special and .357 Magnum ballistic gel tests. Sights are standard Ruger adjustable at the rear and a green fiber-optic front. How much does barrel length impact bullet velocity in .38 Spl and .357 Mag revolvers? For the 4-inch test gun, we decided on the Ruger GP100. It includes the results of Speer’s velocity testing of three different .357 magnum loads with 30 different firearms. Taking care of your holster is an important thing and there are many options including break-in or adjustment. However, according to me, the best gun is a handgun that is easy to use in an emergency. For example, when a bad guy or robber attacks you, you have to react fast. [3412] - ruger GP-100 4 In holsters can come in a large variety of materials and carry styles that will allow you an easy draw and re-holstering while being comfortable at all times. We have gotten clear proof that the GP100 has improved in recent years. Best Gunsmith Screwdriver Set: Expectations vs. I still remember the very first .44 Special handgun I ever owned and shot. The purpose of their test was to illustrate the same basic principle we discovered here: every gun is different and you don’t really know what velocity you’ll get until you measure it. That is the reason why many people or citizens like to keep it at their waist in everyday situations. We fired five rounds of each load through each gun and took the average velocity. We usually catch these action in movies when the actor or actress runs, draws and fires at the same time. Moreover, this pistol also has fiber optic sights, along with the read sight and front blade. Some variants of GP100 consist of a couple that hold 7 of .327 Federal, a few that hold 5 of 44 Special, etc. This gun can contain five, six, or eight shots, depending on barrel lengths. Ruger GP100. We also wanted to verify that there was a significant difference in velocity between the two inch and four inch guns we were planning to use before we started shooting up our expensive gel blocks. The standard barrel length is 4.2 inches, but some models are 2.5 inches or 5.5 inches. Ruger GP100 | price $565.00. Both of them have many versions with different barrel lengths, caliber size to fit your needs. Lock-up is tight, trigger DA is smooth on this example. Here’s what we came up with: There is another piece of conventional wisdom that says every time you add an inch to the barrel length, you should get a velocity increase of about 50 feet per second. Follow Lucky Gunner Lounge from your Inbox! The S&W 686-3 also showed a major drop in velocity with the Magtech 158 gr .357 Magnum load even though the same barrel had comparatively high velocities with some of the other loads. As you know, SP101 is a small size revolver, and police departments have used it as a quick backup weapon. All barrels are constructed with a wide top rib longitudinally serrated to present a glare-free surface. RUGER GP-100 STAINLESS .357 Mag. I also have a Stainless Steel Smith & Wesson in 357 Magnum. This gun has a broad range of barrel lengths and caliber fittings, and it can get five, six, seven, or even ten shots. The same could be said for the semi-auto calibers that we’ve tested in the past, but .38 and .357 cover a much broader range of velocities than any one semi-auto caliber and that means barrel length tends to be an even more important factor with revolvers. It comes in both 4" and 6" barrel lengths. Love the blue finish on this model. Ruger’s GP-100 revolver is a beefy magnum pistol that brings some unique capabilities to the table. This is the same unloaded weight as the svelte old S&W Model 19/66 .357 Combat Magnum with a 4-inch barrel. Mag. With the arrival of the GP100 5-shot .44 Special in 2016 and a pair of distributor exclusive .41 Rem. The cushioned grips are constructed of live rubber. After handling the Ruger, the Smith feels sub-par. Given that, Ruger GP100 is a heavy gun and, considering it uses the .357 magnum cartridge, it also needs a six inch barrel to moderate the muzzle blast. The picture in the listing shows a rich, mahogany color, but the holster that ultimately arrives is anywhere from a light orange tan to a few shades lighter than dark brown. Now this article below will give you the best solution with experts’ advice. The GP100 series has a great selection of models in this size, including the best-selling .357 mag blued six-shooter. I asked a question here the other day comparing the gp100 to the S&W 686. A lot of folks ask me about a 4” GP100, but these medium-size Rugers are actually slightly bigger, measuring in with 4.2” barrels. If you enjoy this article, please like and share it. The sight tracking is better during rapid fire. Ruger® GP100® is a rugged and reliable double-action revolver that serves equally well for field carry in the outdoors, home defense, law enforcement, or target shooting. Most models consists of 5-inch of .357 Magnum, and one or two of .38 Special +P, and one of 9mm. It could be that those older revolvers were made to be optimized for loads we didn’t test. If you want to know whether any of this velocity stuff actually has a real impact on self-defense bullet effectiveness, be sure to check the blog again soon for our ballistics gelatin test results. So for our ballistic gel tests, we wanted to test each load with both of the two most common barrel lengths for defensive revolvers, which are 2-inch and 4-inch. 6 inch barrel. Both of them can get the job well! Ruger GP100 327 Federal 4" HBBL Double Action AS SS - $520.99 Barrel features a full length ejector shroud only. In the meantime, I wanted to give you a quick look at some of the background research we did before we started the actual gelatin tests. Most standard models are blued steel, but some of them come with stainless steel. Eliminate Your Fears And Doubts About Best Remington 700 Trigger Upgrades, If You Do Not Have The BEST M16A1 PARTS KITS Now, You Will Hate Yourself Later, The Best AR-15 Lower Parts Kits Can Really Improve Your Game, Latest Development About Best Glock Trigger Upgrades That You Have To Know, A Critical Role That Best AR-15 Armorer’s Wrench Can Play. With .38 Special, and especially with .357 magnum, conventional wisdom says that barrel length has a huge bearing on the effectiveness of the bullet. Grip frame design easily … At that time, it was the “new” Charter Arms .44 Special Bulldog. The front of each block was covered with a four-layer heavy fabric barrier (denim, fleece, and two layers of cotton) to simulate clothing. This isn't going to be for ccw, just a gun for the woods and my backyard when I'm doing yard maintenance. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. It is also much lighter than the GP100. This revolver is lighter than the GP100 as it weighs 0.74 kilograms. Another issue with the GP100 series is the fact that the surface is not rust resistant. Ruger GP100 .357 Magnum Double Action Blued Revolver 1702. 100 Ruger GP100 Holster - 4.2 Inch Barrel - Tactical Black Kydex - Right Hand IWB - Left Hand OWB - .357 Magnum DCTacticalKydex. Galco Dual Action Outdoorsman Holster for S&W L FR 686 6-Inch. It brings us the feeling and function of classic hidden carry pistols. Now 0.2” isn’t much, but I think it’s important to acknowledge nonetheless. 5.0 out of 5 stars 1. That might be a generally decent rule of thumb in some cases, but obviously it’s not absolutely true. 00. Ruger 204 Rifle Ballistics And Ruger Ten Shot 22 Long Rifle Gp100 is best in online store. Other differences include barrel length, grip, caliber, etc. Which one do want to keep by your side, it’s up to your personal preferences and your shooting skills. Besides, the SP101’s lengths are 7.2 inches with the 2.25-inch barrel and 8 inches with the 3-inch barrel. As the versatility of the gun itself is wide, also the versatility of holsters, that are available on the market is large. The SP101 has been very famous as the best compact .357 Magnum handguns to carry. Like the Glock 19, it is easier to maneuver indoors. Which features do you like about the SP101?It has a smooth double action with the bobbed hammer, wide and high visibility sights. It is a modernized version of the Security Six. Get great deals on eBay! Top 3 Best Mag Fed Paintball Gun That Will Make You Enjoy The Game, Best Mossberg 500 Stock Explained In Short, Here’s What No One Tells You About Best Mossberg 702 Plinkster Accessories, The Truth About Investing In the Best Smith & Wesson M&P 40 Accessories, Get The Best Trigger Pull Gauges To Make Every Shot Count, Dirty Little Secrets About the Best Savage Axis Accessories, Best Sig M400 Enhanced Accessories To Enhance Your Shooting Experience. This handheld revolvers is better than GP100 at aftermarket support and add-ons. Speed Beez Ruger GP-100 4.2 Inch Outside The Waist Band Tactical Revolver Holster (Fits Most Ruger GP100 up to 4.2 inches) 4.5 out of 5 stars 2. 8 product ratings - Bianchi 111 Cyclone 1.75" Holster GP100 L Frame 4 Inch Plain Tan Right 12694. For comparison, a full-sized 1911 typically comes in at around 40 ounces. FREE Shipping. $18.00 shipping. Ruger recently introduced their GP100 revolver in .44 Special. Grips easy to change to smaller for carry or wood for a different look. Besides, it is tough to detect before you draw it. The same could be said for the, We didn’t have the S&W 640 Pro or the S&W 686-3 available when we took all of the velocity measurements which is why there are some gaps in the data. 4.2 inch heavy full shrouded barrel, 6 shot, triple-locking cylinder, ... Ruger GP100 .357 Magnum 6 Inch Full Shroud Barrel Satin Stainless Finish Adjustable Sights 6 Round Recoil-reducing, cushioned, rubberized black Hogue Monogrip. Great job, Frank Thanks for your sharing! In some cases, however, the velocity actually drops going from a shorter to a longer barrel. And, if I recall correctly, back then the only factory ammo available was some lead round nose ammo that wasn’t very accurate. maythe4thbewithu on Ruger GP100. Today I will share with you the good and bad things about GP100 and SP101 ruger as we will compare both of them. Ruger GP-100 Stainless Steel Revolver. All Rights Reserved. This gun marks an improvement of  previous handheld revolvers because it has been good enough about the fit of barrel lengths and caliber. We followed all of the same protocols for our .38/.357 tests that we used in our semi-auto tests. The biggest problems for this Ruger GP100 Holster 4 inch holster are that it comes in a variety of brown shades and takes some conditioning for the thumb break to snap. The GP100 is a fine revolver. The good news is that you don’t have to disassemble it to lubricate it. In the meantime, I wanted to give you a quick look at some of the background research we did before we started the actual gelatin tests. This one has a sharp recoil, so you have to take a moment to steady yourself before shooting. Some variants of GP100 consist of a couple that hold 7 of .327 Federal, a few that hold 5 of 44 Special, etc. The 4 inch barrel being the one we are using here. Those guys have done basically the same thing we did here, but they’ve got results for just about every handgun caliber and barrel length you can think of. Stock grip does soak up the recoil. The speed race for this shoot was easily won by the Remington 125-grain jacketed hollow point from a longer, four-inch Ruger GP100. We tested 8 different loads in 11 different guns to find out. The longer the barrel, the greater the velocity, and for self-defense rounds, higher velocities often translate to better penetration and expansion. According to experts in this field, the newer model is firing better and cleaner. From shop DCTacticalKydex. My tightest five-shot cluster, measuring 1.44 inches wide, was produced by the Black Hills 200-grain JHPs. First, there are a lot of factors influencing velocity besides just barrel length. Let‘s discuss and give comments below! Which kind of pistols is the best to carry for defense purpose? There was also some up-and-down going on among the sub-3-inch barrels, but to a much lesser degree. The solid heft balances well with the short, heavy barrel. For example, the Model 28-2 we used was made in the 1970s and the 686-3 is from the 80s. It is technically longer than 4 inches — 4.2 makes it legal to own in Canada — but it’s one of the most popular 4-inch revolvers on the market, and the velocities we measured with it didn’t show any unusual outliers. This gun is well built. All the other revolvers we tested are fairly new. Ruger GP100 stainless with 4 inch barrel filmed at 600 frames per second. 00. What the Heck Are The Best Mossberg 930 JM Pro Accessories? +P rated. The GP100 weighs 1 kilogram, and it very popular with a few law enforcement departments in the world because of its versatility. That becomes easier to see when we view the same data plotted on this festively colored line graph: We didn’t have the S&W 640 Pro or the S&W 686-3 available when we took all of the velocity measurements which is why there are some gaps in the data. Ruger GP100 is a kind of gun that can be holstered in any holster. Which features do you like about GP100? The GP100 is available with a few different barrel options. It is also a big question in the community. The GP100 is easier to handle and to shoot than the SP101. Copyright © 2016 - 2020 by Adventure Footstep LLC. A [3412] - ruger GP100 4 Inch Barrel holster keeps dust, moisture and water away. Taking a quick glance at the chart, it’s readily apparent that the velocity, If this kind of nerdy velocity stuff gets you excited, check out, semi-auto calibers that we’ve tested in the past, this article originally printed in the 1974 Speer Reloading Manual, Henry X Model .357 and .44 Magnum: Classic Meets Modern, Cruiser Ready: How to Store a Home Defense Shotgun [2020 Update], You Can’t Use Your Sights in a Gunfight: Another Myth That Just Won’t Die. 4.4 out of 5 stars 14. Free FedEx Option* (0) Brand New. ... Bianchi 111 Cyclone 1.75" Holster GP100 L Frame 4 Inch Plain Tan Right 12694. We ultimately decided to use the Kimber K6s (left) and the Ruger GP100 (right) as the test guns for our ballistic gelatin tests. Find ruger gp100 from a vast selection of Holsters. Now, I can't decide between the 6 or the 4 inch. $36.00 $ 36. If you’re not comfortable taking this thing apart, don’t. Ruger GP100 4 Inch. $24.95 $ 24. Since the .44 Special Ruger GP100 has a 3-inch barrel and adjustable sights, I measured its accuracy by firing five-shot groups in single-action mode with each load from a bench, using a sandbag rest for support, at 15 yards. For every load, there was a velocity increase between the 2-inch barrels and the 4-inch barrels, but adding an additional two inches did not always produce greater velocity from the 6-inch barrel.

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