kayaking gulf islands bc

Those who kayak the Gulf Islands are attracted to their warm temperatures, short distances between Mediterranean-like islands and a varied marine environment. item.waiting = []; Kayaking Gulf Islands We can help you explore the area on your own for a couple of hours or all day! var className = docElement.className; Alternatively, the kayak rental is not too far from the ferry terminal, if you’ve got a touring bike with you. Pender Island Kayak Adventures We are a family owned and operated company in the heart of the Southern Gulf Islands of British Columbia, located at the hub of the Pender Islands, Port Browning Marina, offering a launch point for some of the best paddling around the Penders. © 2020 Wildheart Adventures. British Columbia's magnificent parks and forests are praised world-wide for their spectacular }; We turned all our lights off and kept paddling in the almost non-existent light. return propValue ?

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