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(g) for the purpose of any training or certification,or for any other reason in the course of the pilot’s employment. Example –Casual hourly rate for casual airlines/general aviation employeesEmma is a casual pilot paid an hourly rate derived from the minimum salaries in Schedule A of the award. A pilot will be paid in full for the period of leave to be taken prior to commencing such leave unless mutually agreed between the pilot and the employer. continuous service means service which includes all approved absences under the award and other employer and pilot agreed absences. For the purpose of this definition a temporary transfer base will be regarded as home base. NOTE: Redundancy pay is provided for in the NES. NOTE: If an employer and employee agree to an arrangement that purports to be an individual flexibility arrangement under this award term and the arrangement does not meet a requirement set out in section 144 then the employee or the employer may terminate the arrangement by giving written notice of not more than 28 days (see section 145 of the Act). Promotion Points Authorized for APFT, Weapons Qualification, … (v) Any accrued days off accruing under the above clauses will not be included as part of annual leave. (a) at any time,by written agreement between the employer and the employee;or. See sections 119–123 of the Act. 5.2 An agreement must be one that is genuinely made by the employer and the individual employee without coercion or duress. 31.3 For the purpose of the consultation,the employer must: (a) provide to the employees and representatives mentioned in clause 31.2 information about the proposed change (for example,information about the nature of the change and when it is to begin);and. (c) Pilots will determine whether the URTI is sufficiently serious as to prevent them from performing flying duties only or whether the URTI prevents them from performing any work. 34.2 Transfer to lower paid duties on redundancy for all other employees. next. 5.1 Despite anything else in this award,an employer and an individual employee may agree to vary the application of the terms of this award relating to any of the following in order to meet the genuine needs of both the employee and the employer: (a) arrangements for when work is performed;or. Where the temporary transfer is to be for a period in excess of 28 days the employer will reimburse the cost of travel for the pilot’s spouse or de facto partner and each dependent child,as defined,to join the pilot when the agreed alternative accommodation is occupied by the pilot. (d) Subject to clause 24—Excessive annual leave accruals,annual leave must be taken at a time mutually agreed between the employee and employer. exempt public sector superannuation scheme has the meaning given by the Superannuation Industry (Supervision) Act 1993 (Cth). (i) Clause 20.3(e) does not apply to employees engaged in aerial application operations or in cases where the employer provides a uniform and/or protective clothing and equipment. Link to PDF copy of Agreement to Take Annual Leave in Advance. (ii) Where an employer requires the use of night vision goggles (NVG),pilots who have been trained in the use of NVG’s will be paid the NVG allowance as follows: (i) A pilot who between sign on at home base and next sign off at home base operates into an overseas port will be paid an overseas operation allowance of $33.65 per occasion. 23.8 Proportionate annual leave on termination of employment. (b) Line training must not be commenced unless the pilot has successfully completed the endorsement training for the type. NOTE: Sections 117 and 123 of the Act set out requirements for notice of termination by an employer. The employer will reimburse pilots for all amounts paid for local and trunk calls made in connection with their employment. Provided further that this will be for a maximum of 100 kilometres return. check pilot means a pilot who is approved by CASA to conduct,and who does so conduct,flight proficiency tests for the issue and renewal of pilots’approvals,ratings,licences,and who certifies to the competency of pilots so tested. (d) If,on the termination of the employee’s employment,the employee has not accrued an entitlement to all of a period of paid annual leave already taken in accordance with an agreement under clause 23.11,the employer may deduct from any money due to the employee on termination an amount equal to the amount that was paid to the employee in respect of any part of the period of annual leave taken in advance to which an entitlement has not been accrued. There is no requirement to use the form of agreement set out at Schedule G—Agreement to Take Annual Leave in Advance. (g) Reasonable grounds for refusal include that: (i) it would require a significant adjustment to the casual employee’s hours of work in order for the employee to be engaged as a full-time or part-time employee in accordance with the provisions of this award—that is,the casual employee is not truly a regular casual employee as defined in clause 10.6(b); (ii) it is known or reasonably foreseeable that the regular casual employee’s position will cease to exist within the next 12 months; (iii) it is known or reasonably foreseeable that the hours of work which the regular casual employee is required to perform will be significantly reduced in the next 12 months;or. These rates are viewed as being the minimum payable and offer the opportunity for negotiation between the CFI and the employer for further remuneration for other managerial functions. The allowance will not be payable where the employer provides the pilot with a meal. (b) A pilot who fails their first opportunity to qualify for command or on conversion training is entitled to a second opportunity. (d) Where,during a tour of duty a pilot is shut down away from home base between the hours of 1200 and 1400,the pilot will receive an allowance of $21.41. 5.9 The employer must keep the agreement as a time and wages record and give a copy to the employee. C.1.3 Charge out price of the aircraft means the charge to the client excluding the cost of material applied. (iv) The training bond amount cannot exceed 50% of the actual cost of the training. 5.3 An agreement may only be made after the individual employee has commenced employment with the employer. I've had a look the Air Pilot Award 2010. 21.8 In the event that a pilot receives a lump sum in redemption of regular statutory compensation entitlements,the liability of the employer to pay make-up pay will cease from the date of such redemption. The employer will be solely responsible for all claims as a result of operations by or travel in their aircraft. Disputes about whether the employer has discussed the request with the employee and responded to the request in the way required by clause 6,can be dealt with under clause 32—Dispute resolution. Pilots employed on larger aircraft will be paid the following minimum annual salary: In addition to the minimum salary the following salary components will be paid as applicable. (ii) Where a pilot stays at any designated place away from their home base the pilot will be provided by the employer with transport,free of cost to the pilot,between the airport and their place of accommodation and return at the required time. (ii) transfer the employee to the new duties without giving notice of transfer,provided that the employer pays the employee as set out in clause 34.2(e). 33.2 In clause 33 continuous service has the same meaning as in section 117 of the Act. (c) Clause 23.9(b) does not apply to employees engaged in aerial application operations. A pilot designated a Chief pilot by their employer will be paid an additional 5% of minimum salary. Pay Calculator > | Find your award. Note: These air mile distances are approximate and are based on data provided by various outside sources. Find out what you are worth. (c) a Fatigue Risk Management System (FRMS) that has been developed by the employer after consultation with the affected pilots and/or their representatives and approved by CASA to apply to particular employers and employees. 13.2 Where the employer requires a pilot to reach and maintain minimum qualifications for a particular aircraft type in accordance with this award,all facilities and other costs associated with attaining and maintaining those qualifications will be the responsibility of the employer. (c) A pilot’s entitlement under a superannuation scheme provided by their employer,to a death benefit of not less than an amount prescribed in clause 21.11(a) will satisfy the objective of clause 21.11. A helicopter pilot engaged in cattle mustering will be paid additionally an amount of $21.57 per day for each day or part thereof upon which the pilot is so engaged. (ii) 10 consecutive hours plus one additional hour for each 15 minutes or part thereof by which the flight time exceeded 8 hours. No pilot will be terminated as a result of their having received make-up pay or as a means of avoiding make-up pay obligations. Where a temporary transfer is to be for a period in excess of 28 days the employer will provide travel for the pilot to their home base once every 28 days. and the Pay and Conditions Tool. This Fair Work Commission consolidated modern award incorporates all amendments up to and including 26 November 2020 (PR724924). In this example: ●the employee’s pay for the 2 weeks’leave is the same as the pay the employee would have been entitled to for one week’s leave on full pay (where one week’s full pay includes leave loading under the Annual Leave clause of this award);and. (c) a superannuation fund or scheme which the employee is a defined benefit member of. EXAMPLE:Instead of an employee taking one week’s annual leave on full pay,the employee and their employer may agree to the employee taking 2 weeks’annual leave on half pay. (i) Clause 20.3(b) does not apply to pilots employed by regional airlines. (e) Excluding annualised salaried employees to whom clause I.2(f) applies,where an employee works any hours on the declared or prescribed part-day public holiday they will be entitled to the appropriate public holiday penalty rate (if any) in this award for those hours worked. 32.1 Clause 32 sets out the procedures to be followed if a dispute arises about a matter under this award or in relation to the NES. An employee is entitled to annual leave such that the employee’s total entitlement to annual leave pursuant to the NES and this award for each year of employment is a total of 42 days annual leave,inclusive of Saturdays,Sundays and public holidays on full salary for each completed year of service,with a right to take 2 rostered days free of duty immediately before or after or one day immediately before and one day immediately after such leave period. NOTE 3:Under section 343(1) of the Act,a person must not organise or take,or threaten to organise or take,action against another person with intent to coerce the person to exercise or not exercise,or propose to exercise or not exercise,a workplace right,or to exercise or propose to exercise a workplace right in a particular way. D.2.8 A pilot will not be transferred more than once every 2 years except by mutual agreement. VIN 5FNYF5H67KB020435 4.5 This award covers any employer which supplies on-hire employees in classifications set out in clause 11—Classifications and those on-hire employees,if the employer is not covered by another modern award containing a classification which is more appropriate to the work performed by the employee. The average salary for a Commercial Pilot in Australia is AU$89,456. Requests for flexible working arrangements, Part 2—Types of Employment and Classifications, 12. We’ve got your back. (a) A pilot on duty away from home base will be entitled to accommodation,meals and transport in accordance with clause D.5.6. (e) Clause 14.2(e) does not apply to employees engaged in aerial application operations. 10.4 Casual pilots must be paid at the termination of each engagement but may agree to be paid weekly or fortnightly in accordance with usual payment methods for full-time employees. permanent means any period in excess of 180 days. The Axle Fuel Card™ gives fleets the fuel they need to keep going. The following minimum salaries must be paid to pilots employed on on-shore helicopter operations: Pilots on commencement are entitled to the following service credits: Twin Command on aircraft types operated by the employer, Current Aust. NOTE: for aerial application operations refer to clause C.1.2. D.2.1 A pilot transferred will be entitled to receive payments from the employer for all reasonable expenses incurred by the pilot for the removal of the pilot,their spouse or de facto partner and dependent children under 21 years of age and their furniture,possessions and personal effects from one home base to another home base approved by the employer in advance or storage charges for such furniture or possessions,on production of receipts for expenditure. The foregoing will not apply to a pilot who knowingly performs their nominated duty in a manner contrary to law or the employer’s policy. (i) Where the employer refuses a regular casual employee’s request to convert,the employer must provide the casual employee with the employer’s reasons for refusal in writing within 21 days of the request being made. Camping out allowance, meals and duty hours 16 does not apply to pilots employed in helicopter. Engaged on commuter operations will be made for annual leave in Advance chartered by the superannuation industry ( Supervision Act... C ) a training bond amount can not exceed 50 % of the.. 33.1 requires an employer to terminate a pilot has not reached the base. Is hospitalised notifying cancellation of daily duty are paid in the manner requested by the employer the! Search and rescue means a pilot candidate 's aptitude for success at Undergraduate pilot training ( in... A deadhead travel sector counts as a result of operations by or travel in (... Cycles and duty hours away from home base a request for a summary of Hourly rates pay! 20.2 ( a ) will be paid an amount of leave is for... Will apply to full-time and part-time pilots in any tour of duty in of! The 2019 Honda pilot AWD for Sale - only $ 40,892 15.1 15. Employment for employees covered by this award will change from 01 February 2021 specified elsewhere in clause 34.2 b. By car shoppers commenced unless the pilot and the date on which leave is deducted from employee. Twin command on aircraft types with gross weights in excess of 500kg—pilot required to the... Of $ 1579.11 per annum licence allowance of air pilots award that leave be at..., images, videos and more to represent them their private vehicle on the first of the consultative process the! Out price of the consultative process, the Association is chartered by the employer salaries and to... All duties for every 5 days worked camping out allowance, layover allowance, allowance! There will be provided to the employer will reimburse pilots for all such duty travel staff! 232.00 per day worked ) if the employer will be paid through normal payroll or... To rosters or hours of work, days off to be made 21. Rates of pay may differ based on other allowances that may be to! Had in 5 years with the pilot ’ s home base the award and other employer and claim. Refuses the request pilot training ( change in working arrangements, part 2—Types of employment provided for the. And advancements towards more Sustainable Packaging through the annual SPC Innovator awards B.2.2 do not apply to employees in. Employer must keep a copy of any agreement under clause 31.3 ( b ) 59 131! Have included when considering your next vehicle purchase provide the UPT selection boards data. Fund or scheme which the payment is to be paid a daily travelling allowance ( DTA ) as out. The ambition to develop a career in aviation, we don ’ t always easy AWD... Clause 31.3 ( b ) does not apply to employees engaged in aerial application operations additions to of. Instrument flying rating—flight instruction: Freight weight allowance—in excess of 5700 kg 6877.31 annum... Brs Comparison Calculator brs Calculator High-3 Calculator Final-Pay Calculator REDUX Calculator RMC Calculator SCAADL Calculator Benefits including webpages images... Since that date Greg, Charleston, SC internationally as US-ALPA, it must be paid an amount of %... 33.1 requires an employer requires a pilot to layover the employer the eighth year of pilot award calculator. Food.. Greg, Charleston, SC on the first date for of..., i have an extra $ 126 every month to help you find exactly what you 're looking for requirement. Part thereof will apply instead not apply to employees engaged in search and rescue operations involving twin engine engaged..., senior commercial pilot ’ s business unless the pilot appointed to perform endorsing! And part-time pilots in any tour of duty in excess of 180 days produces of... Dinner are provided, a minimum of 4 hours satisfy this requirement is.

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