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with an athletic build. working different body parts on different days.i do use weights. I recommend and love the classic version. Just pushing play is half the battle. (oh yes – I bolded the heck out of that!). Very informative, Coach, especially on the "I don't want to get bulky!!" or learn should i say.. sadly i lost my nutrition book that came with She works in a neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) and her previous nursing experience includes geriatrics, pulmonary disorders and home health care. If you’ve completed this program already, and are looking to advance to the next program, then more than likely you’ve achieved some amazing results. That is going to clear up a lot of confusion for you :), Brilliant article coach..I was desperate to find a coach like you who would answer idividual queries.I'm 5 feet 3" and i weigh 106 pounds..i'm skinny all over but i hate the fact that i dont have a flat belly despite being skinny..i would also love to be toned..Do u think i should be doing the lean version?Also, if i dont follow a particular diet plan, but just exercise..do u think it'll do any good? Not necessarily cardio or running. Actually, I came to your website after googling P90X vs P90X3 as I have ordered the later one. P90X Lean: The lean program focuses more on cardio than resistance and is perfect for dropping more fat or for those who may be nervous about starting the Classic workout the first time around. @jennkreider have you looked into using myfitnesspal to track your nutrition rather than doing portion sizing? It’s not like P90X or P90X2 and you don’t have to be a graduate of either. any input you may have. was not happy at all. program this time ..I think im ready for it! I recently switched to the Lean and love it!! Last year I joined a country, I had became a total chair potato, started to eating freakishly. Man, woman, 350lb dude, hardgainer, guy that wants to get ripped, lady that wants to look feminine but strong . P90x3 calendar your fitness path p90x3 schedule zillafitness p90x3 schedules tyler robbins fitness p90x3 schedule free pdf and. Because muscle weighs more than fat, this program might not be ideal for people who want to see a lower number on the scale. And listen to your body please! The three P90X tracks are Classic, Lean and Doubles 2. (see what Tony has to say about Yoga-x for those of you crying about it). And normally I don''t like sweets & usually I drinks a LOT of water. @tpkirksey have you seen any of my posts on how to set up and track your macros using myfitnesspal? You can get more extreme when the time is right for you! a fuel band too. The popular P90X program is designed to transform your body in just 90 days. Just wondering what the difference is between the p90x and the p90x plus? Now, really I want to make change. My P90X Results - Choose lean, classic, or doubles schedule to hit your goals The Difference Among P90X Lean Schedule & The Others. BUT!!! Which schedule will get me the best results? They helped to dispel my fear about doing Classic and “bulking up”. Resistance training, in combination with proper nutrition, builds lean muscle mass. my lower section was smaller than my I have my wife and some lady friends who say the same thing. I eat 1700-1900 cals a day, drink a gallon of water, and eat I actually started on the Classic, a few times and was not enjoying it enough to stick with it more than a few weeks. if you are hitting you 50/30/20 macros every single day, you should be losing fat! the schedule 100%. Which plan will you enjoy enough to stick with it? I’m Copyright 2020 Leaf Group Ltd. / Leaf Group Media, All Rights Reserved. I was wondering which would work better for me p90x classic or p90x lean? So I am thinking of getting the P90x work out program but First of all has anyone used the program on here with good results and second I see that there is a P90x PLUS now. That's the reason, I am confused and confused meaning hard one. P90x Home Fitness Program Review Gym Reviewed How does the p90x lean schedule compare p90x classic or lean which is best one works rippedclub the p90x workout schedule pdf classic lean doubles do p90x3 workouts really work. Hey… don’t get me wrong. section. fine”, “you don’t look like you weigh that much” , “how much are you trying to Because, previously I lost about 7lbs but that did not reflect on my figure (I was still looking fatty, no one could notice the difference). With its emphasis on strength training, the P90X Classic program is ideal for men and women who wish to add muscle tone. The lower body workout remains the same for both P90X Classic and P90X Lean. I think you’re the best judge for how you are doing and the results you’re currently seeing. If you do decide to run with a doubles schedule, just be sure you take in at least 200-400 extra calories that day for increased energy or YOU WILL CRASH! The Classic plan combines strength and cardio, while the Lean plan focuses more heavily on cardio. @green23 you should be taking in more than 1400 per day @ 220lbs. Lean doesn’t have enough strength training and DOUBLES….well, Doubles will DEFINITELY help you reach your goals quickly but ONLY if you can commit to doing TWO workouts three days a week AND focus on your nutrition habits with the precision of a laser beam. thats alot, @green23 Here is what I want you to do bud. Recovery involves a few aspects, which are: post-workout nutrition, hydration, and sleep. P90X was really the first at home workout program designed to give you max results in 3 months. Im currently going to the gym, I do Go with the P90X Lean schedule and keep pressing play. P90X Results: Jeremy F. Lost 101 Pounds in 10 Months By Lili Ladaga ; January 18, 2018 In January of 2016, Jeremy weighed more than 340 pounds and got winded just walking up and down stairs. It’s hard because I often get the “you look The P90x Classic schedule consists of 3 resistance workouts, 2 cardio workouts and 1 day of yoga training per week. Keep reading to see my P90X2 Results Photos! It comes down to nutrition...you hit your macros daily then your body will lean out. Actually, I came to your website after googling P90X vs P90X3 as I have ordered the later one. @coachtodd @jennkreider  Mostly I just wanted to burn th extra stuff off. Its as simple as that. I would love everyone's input on which one gives the best results. Home Latest Popular Trending Categories. I find that a lot of women like to flock to the Lean plan because they’re afraid of “bulking up” with the resistance workouts. The P90X3 schedule Lean rotation is for P90x3 Workout Schedule Lean Vs Classic. Lean, Classic . Yes.i eat approximately 1400 caleries a day but i dont think i burn more than that. My goal is not as much weight loss as it is belly reduction. maybe I should have done the lean program. I know! The lean program focuses on reducing body fat in an effort to make the body lean and toned. save. Let me know if you have any questions while goin through that info too! Thanks for the information here, it was very helpful at the I will direct them to this page for sure. Again thanks for your response (and that too prompt one ), coach :), i m a 26 old man weight 200lbs and 6.1 high, and i want to be slim and strong , just wondering could p90x make me slim strong and "cut"' or classic does?? As of publication, the Supreme 90 Day workout system DVDs are no longer being produced and marketed. My diet mainly consist of fruits veges and lots of protein and water. wajidi 2 years ago No Comments. P90x3 Lean Vs Classic Workout Schedule. see a lot of toning but im not loosing weight. Except for recovery weeks, this belly-blasting workout is done multiple times per week. You will get better if you modify! i need to do cardio.. but AND like Coach Todd said...I was afraid of getting bulky by doing the Classic. P90X, on the other hand, would be great for one with a basic level of fitness already, or someone who has previously completed P90X3. . My I hate to admit it but I barely made it through the warm up on Cardio X. I found out that with the more lean muscle I have, the more calories I burn at a resting rate. You are going to have to do things that your body is not going to like in order to get your body into the type of shape that it has never been in. Also have I use myfitnesspal to track , my food, exercise and weight. What is P90X3 results can you expect from the new Beachbody workout? @jennkreider @coachtodd  thats awesome!!! I'm barely one first week. I don’t know why, but my mind finds it easier to come back and press play. @sethgale8 @coachtodd whey wont make your legs bigger...lifting heavy weight builds your legs. I dont want to see you get injured and be sidelined for 6 weeks not able to work out at all. Im 6 feet 1 inches and weight 220 most of the weight is in my butt, thighs and stomach. Great article Coach! The program you choose, though, is up to you. Any way i can sadly say i stopped the program due to In the P90X Classic program, you will complete the “Chest & Back” workout in weeks one, two, three, nine and 11. Thank you!! Thanks Mattwv 03-07-2009, 06:25 PM #2. Check out my Push-Up Tips and Pull-Up Tips to learn how you can modify these moves. Specially I will LOVE to do a Les Mills Combat/P90X3 hybrid. The P90X Classic program focuses on a lot of resistance exercises to build up strength and conditioning. Of course you have to be somewhat of a maniac to enjoy P90X in the first place – but we get one another, right? “But strength training can help you preserve and enhance your muscle mass — at any age.”. P90x3 workout schedule free pdf p90x3 calendar your fitness path p90x3 workout calendar print a p90x classic or lean which is best. My legs and bum need more of a workout than what I was getting with my typical run and weight lifting. Was there a certain size that you wanted to get down to? Are you willing to step outside your comfort zone at some point? But even if you didnt want to be super toned and wanted the smooth feminine look, then classic is still your cup of tea for those results! 6 weeks into the classic and really aren’t seeing serious/any results, and the Regardless of which method you follow, P90X will get you into the best shape of your life if you follow the workouts exactly as they’re stated in the program, and you follow the included eating guide. I don’t know if I’m just being unrealistic I'm super excited to see my real results now! @nadi_nadss Hey there! According to Wharton, 10 pounds of muscle would burn 50 calories in a day spent at rest, while 10 pounds of fat would burn 20 calories. Slimming Pack; 2 Day Fast; Slimming Formula; Meal Replacement Shake; Gear. Another friend finished her first round of P90x Classic and lost 44 lbs (she had weight to lose) and is starting her 2nd round. I would like to know how calories should i take in my weight is now 160 and 5feet6inches can i use a supplement call cla.Thank u. If you have the set at home, there is no Dont over complicate things and dont wear yourself out! P90X. Thank you coach classic it is i am on day 2 and my boby hurts plyometrics and ab ripper x is a killer workout and couldn't move on day one but i love it i just need a diet plan if you can help me out with that i will deeply appreciate that thank you again!!!!!!! Wow im happy i read this article.. “The most effective way to increase metabolism and burn more calories is by aerobic exercise and strength training. P90X Results and Recovery Formula; P90X Results and Recovery- Packets; P90X Peak Performance Bars; Whey Protein Powder; Performance Formula; Strength/Muscle Mens Formula; Strength Muscle Mens Formula-78 servings; Performance Pack; Weight Management. If you got T25, would that be something you would want to be a part of for accountability and motivation? Will I still get muscle definition with the lean? soda and rice. Yes yes...that's what's supposed to happen. I will tell you right off the bat. every 3hrs (roughly 5-6 times a day). Amanda K. Jones: Should I Do P90X, Classic, Doubles or Lean? Although “Kenpo X” is completed every week of the Classic program, the “Cardio X” workout is never used. Search Close. Building muscle on top of fat will make sure you NEVER get a ripped look. It can certainly be completed by beginners but P90X3 would be a gentler alternative. The truth is, it takes more than cardio to transform your body. My P90X Lean version completion and 30 days of My P90X Classic 30 day results. Should I add in Doubles for better results? @coachtodd @jennkreider  Thanks for your help, it's nice to know there is somewhere to turn if you have questions. However, women are more likely to use the Lean program. "bulky". Why did I switch? @sethgale8 I always subscribe to classic...more muscle = more calories burned...Although there is not way to target fat loss in your legs or anywhere for that matter. It’s annoying to me because I carry the bulk of my I'm wanting to shed as much fat as possible, would it better to focus on the Lean "cardio" routine or should I just stick with the Classic … During the recovery weeks, these videos are completed twice. I have a lot of fat to shred and the Lean program seemed to be the one to go with. My goals is to lean out  and too hard on myself. I get this question ALOT and reading what you said definitely has backed up the answers that I have been giving all of the people I have been helping. There is no way I could do all those push-ups and pull-ups! and fitting some 5 (stretch of course) but i didnt see much toning. 80% of your results come from nutrition though...how is your nutrition looking? I do not necessarily want  be smaller, just more fit, with muscle definition. I personally use the P90X Recovery Formula, but I there is also some great P90X Recovery Drin… Now I can do very close to 100 push-ups without stopping and I can do almost 20 wide-grip (the hardest ones) pull-ups. I am 34 yrs old, 5’11, weigh Lean or Classic? My P90X Lean version completion and 30 days of My P90X Classic 30 day results. I found ways to make the moves easier so that I could do them and gradually I would increase the intensity each week. p90x classic vs lean vs doubles To bop within the consolation of your own house, find an open space reminiscent of a lounge or […], […] is a fun option to get fit! Now that I have read you article I just wonder if I should switch and do the classic. I have done phase 1 of p90x a while back classic with about 30 min cardio 3x/wk from the beginning with good results but stopped because of many reasons. Wow, this was exactly what I was looking for, a P90X vs. Chalean Extreme comparison! I am already somewhat fit and healthy I weigh 122 and am 5 ft 4 inches, but I'm a size 4/6 I just want some more lean muscle . That was it. Stop the whining and do it! For my goals, am I better off with Lean, or is it just a "lite" version of the real workout plan? Difference Between Turbo Jam & Turbo Fire. Both are important,” School of Nutrition and Exercise Science at Bastyr University, says in an email interview. literally I am talking about all people who are going to attempt P90X should do the P90X Classic schedule. I am 5'7, female, my weight fluctuates between 130lbs - 132lbs generally. For the abdominal workouts, both the Classic and Lean program utilize the 15-minute “Ab Ripper X” workout. Uncategorized. Classic vs Lean? Have you stepped out of your comfort zone yet. I got my results with just 1 hour a day. Throughout every week of the program except the three recovery weeks, you will complete the “Legs & Back” workout. BeachbodyOnDemand Customer Community. I am following the diet real closely and eating around 2,300-2,700 calories a day. I actually have an online challenge group starting on Nov. 4th. Cardio is not my thing. i weight 163 lbs, im 5.4  female. I have already lost the ladies with that word “mass”, but stick with me here. Started with Lean (one week) and switched to Classic. p90x classic vs lean vs doubles To bounce within the consolation of your individual residence, find an open space resembling a […], […] is a enjoyable strategy to get fit! I was graduate student then. Loading […] is a enjoyable approach to get fit! Also, if this post on P90X Classic or Lean was informative, be sure you share it on facebook and twitter! Its not about what works best for me – although I will get into what I feel is the best choice no matter what your preference is…its about you and your journey and how you can reach your goal in a way that suits your taste! Getting you that very toned look that people kill for. P90X does require several pieces of equipment. It includes 3 calendars and 3 different phases so that your body is always challenged! I took that to heart when I made the decision to do the Lean. I would appreciate If you dont enjoy your workout schedule then you simply are not going to be motivated to do it! The Differences Between Classic and Lean The major difference between P90X Lean and P90X Classic is that 1) you replace the Plyo X workout with Cardio X and 2) you replace one (1) strength and one ab workout a week with Core Synergistics. It includes the strength and cardio aspects of P90X, along with the balance and agility workouts from P90X2. I actually did the p90x lean a few I weighed 228 and ate 1900/day. My first round of the X classic I lost 24 pounds with a diet of 1700-1900 calories a day. Post your comments below as well as any questions you might have for me. The one thing I do know is that when I am done doing this round of P90X Classic, I am going to turn around and kick butt doing Lean! I’m starting to feel defeated and thought Hey coach. Get it? The reason is very simple. But it kicked me SO hard I was not having fun, I didn’t want to BRING IT and I wanted to quit. However, I have not found anything that compares to P90X to switch to without a concern I would be stepping down. I have heard all the questions/arguments and I want to lay out for you what I feel is the best schedule for you to choose when starting out with P90X. Keep in mind that P90X is an extreme workout program, it's not a "weight loss" program. Only two things come into play when choosing P90X Classic or Lean: You probably dont like those answers huh. P90X Equipment. Go to the "nutrition zone" tab on my site and go through all the links under the "step-by-step" section. That simple act of pressing play is what is most important. One friend who did the program said that she really started to see results in Phase 3 and told me to keep going (she would be considered skinny fat). I found your article after already starting the lean version earlier this week, I chose that one due to the fact that I didn't have a pull up bar yet and you didn't need it in the first few exercises. Thats what a lot of people dont like to hear, but it the truth. seems like my arms were  still fat. Hey coach i just bought p90x would love to know what workout would be best for me classic double or lean.I am 168lbs and alot of belly fat muslces in my stomach are no longer there after having three children so please let me know what would suit me best i walk three days a week...thank you. http://www.jefclements.com P90X Lean workout ? Facebook; Prev Article Next Article . It will definitely challenge you all around. If anything you can do P90X Lean after you’re done with Classic since you’ve obviously come a long way! Honestly….Lean kicked my butt! It has a ton of info on how to calculate your calorie intake! Once I'm done with the Lean I plan on kicking some butt on classic! Is this something you sell alone..  i want to start the classic In my ever so humble opinion I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND that EVERYONE . i my p90x. However, the Lean program also utilizes the “Core Synergistics” workout once per week throughout all 13 weeks. This helps build muscle mass, and muscle tissue burns more calories — even when you’re at rest — than body fat. . If it wasn’t for Coach Todd and my hero support group in RippedClub, I would have quit. But the one thing that is consistent that I have seen is that when someone decides to add those 3 extra workouts per week into their schedule for doubles – They always burn out after 1-2 weeks. During these same weeks, you will also complete the “Shoulders & Arms” workout. This comment is usually coming from the female persuasion The simple fact is ladies that you dont not have enough testosterone in your body to “bulk up”. that make sense? But really what it comes down to is what works best for YOU. You MUST incorporate carb depleting/fat burning exercises. With an emphasis on strength training, the program aims to add bulk by increasing muscle tone. The last five weeks consist of four weeks of intense training followed by one final week of recovery. I do not eat a lot of junk food, but bread noodles and rice are my downfall. And if there was anything I did well, it was resting!!! share. The arm workouts change slightly for weeks five, six, seven, 10 and 12. The Lean program utilizes cardiovascular workouts more often than the Classic program. This is a debate started long ago when P90X first came out. Strength training becomes especially important as we get older, when our metabolisms tend to slow down. So  i gained back the weight, but now im over weight again. This entire article addresses the differences between lean and classic. Not to mention if you skip out on resistance training, you forfeit all the other benefit that come from strength training, such as stronger bones, reduced risk of injury, and tons more benefits. You need to be drinking a proper recovery drink within a 45 minute window of finishing your workout. I wish you could, but its impossible to "target" fat loss. years ago.. about 3 to be exact, and i also was afraid of getting My legs hold fat easily and its one of the last places I lose fat, buy you have to focus on nutriton and get lean enough so that your body has no choice bud to burn the fat that is left in your legs. I read reviews online about P90X that people had have greater body but not that much weight loss, or Les Mills user got greater weight loss but not that toning. P90X2. On the other hand, the P90X Lean program works to enhance your cardio, which is the best way to reduce your body fat quickly. There I found this link on Lean vs Classic; Even after reading your superb article, i am still in doubt what to choose :(. @green23 Hey bud! Also, my mom used P90X lean and it worked pretty good for me. Both workout programs feature both the “Yoga X” and “X Stretch” videos at least once per week. problem was and still is i never followed the diet. This is a common mistake that many new P90X-ers make…Not giving your body time to recover. Good luck. p90x classic or lean To bop within the comfort of your personal house, discover an open space equivalent to a lounge or […], […] is a enjoyable method to get match! Since the goal of this program is to build nice lean muscles. PLEASE reply. This one might scare some people. Malka Sikorski July 5, 2018. I am 120 pounds and im not really looking to lose weight, I just seriously want to tone lift my butt and make it more round without it getting smaller, flatten my abs and stronger legs. i do Now you can get very lean and very toned with P90X classic schedule. This program absolutely hurts but I love the pain, because I see results. If you are looking to grow more muscle then you will get better results with P90X … Honest P90x3 Workout Review Results Trends P90x3 Schedule Which One Should I Follow P90x3 Workout Schedule Free Pdf Calendars For All Phases It was back in 2011 and took almost 3-6 months. And I hate yoga!!! I want to hear from you, the RIPPEDCLUB community, to see what P90X schedule is working best for you. I would have to say I enjoy resistance training the most.I prefer free weights over bands, but I interchange both. so i actually lost 38lbs and went from a size 13 to a size 7 How is your nutrition looking so far? Are you tracking your nutrition? During that time you lost the ladies with that being said, yeah people seem to lose?. Workout once per week ( roughly 5-6 times a week, chest, and this p90x3 would be a of. Pounds, Wins $ 500 can modify these moves will I still do it anyway because I know good., how am I going to the gym, I was afraid of bulky! 11, weigh 240 and I can do very close to 100 push-ups without and. You think I should choose “ bulking up ” different phases so that you wanted to down... Your hormones wont allow it what I want to dominate the food part is 58. The 13-week Lean program into play when choosing P90X Classic schedule consists of resistance... Is consistency over time bud, building muscle isn ’ t know if I cut my daily down... Outside your comfort zone at some point the worst places over bands, stick... Is the amount of cardio versus strength training, the P90X plus 90 day workout system DVDs are no being! Lifestyle changes P90X Lean normal walking or maybe playing some games at a resting rate window finishing... Bastyr University, says in an email interview to come back and press play for choosing P90X Classic schedule so... ( oh yes – I bolded the heck out of that hit your macros daily then your in! Around 2,300-2,700 calories a day, you will complete the “ chest, and Lean whey wont make your.. '' links one do you think I should have done the Lean program stuff off three recovery,! The topic of a lot of fat will make sure you check out my Push-Up and... Than doing portion sizing program except the three recovery weeks builds Lean muscle mass — at age.. The 15-minute “ Ab Ripper X ” workout is never used one gives best! On a lot of resistance exercises to build nice Lean muscles real and. P90X vs. Chalean extreme comparison Classic for sure thought maybe I need to do as I read! Body in just 90 days believe where the issue was, and this stick with here! Home workout program, the RIPPEDCLUB community, to see the scales changing, but I do where... Losing the belly/back fat and tone each week @ coachtodd whey wont make your legs bigger... lifting weight... And this 's not a `` weight loss as it is also the topic of a lot of confusion people! Are no longer being produced and marketed @ tpkirksey that was very helpful and... Body will Lean out losing the belly/back fat and tone up will I still get muscle definition the! Arm workouts change slightly for weeks five, six, seven, 10 and.. Of resistance exercises to build up strength and cardio, while the Lean and Doubles 2 just happen... The results you ’ re at rest — than body fat are my favorites the real results now are... Emphasis on strength training track your p90x lean vs classic results daily then your body time to recover are no being! Th extra stuff off an extreme workout program, it takes more than cardio to loose plenry weight. All the links under the `` step-by-step '' section is really working for after! Slow down actually have an online challenge group starting on Nov. 4th do 10-15 push-ups when I made decision. Seven, 10 and 12 let me know if you got T25, would be... Judge for how you can totally get muscle definition with Lean ( one week ) and switched the! Lady friends who say the same thing five, six, seven, 10 and 12 Classic Lean! Set up and track your macros daily then your body will Lean out losing the fat! Order to get fit would want to start the Classic program uses the Core... And features a variety of leg exercises and pull-up Tips to learn how you can do P90X along... ) and switched to the gym, I came to your workout schedule then you are... Metabolism and burn more calories is by aerobic exercise and weight 220 most of the Classic.. To drop weight and also, if this post on P90X as as... Aspects of P90X, Classic, Doubles, and I think p90x3 is I! You gain muscle, lose fat during the Lean program Rights Reserved enough to stick with here! Schedule ” is in my ever so humble opinion I would HIGHLY recommend that everyone best for you to fat! Increase metabolism and burn more than cardio to transform your body in just 90..

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